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We constantly invest in high-end equipment

At Columbus Specialty Hospital, we are committed to healing at the highest level. We dedicate ourselves to caring for the whole patient; in addition to providing superior medical treatment, we also care for the emotional, spiritual and social needs of each individual. Each patient receives personalized attention from our highly trained and compassionate staff.

We are able to build strong partnerships with patients and their families, as our focus is on extended hospitalization. Columbus Specialty Hospital is the best health care choice for patients with medically complex conditions, pulmonary disorders, neurological illness, post trauma or patients who require ventilator weaning or complex wound care. We care for the body, but more importantly, we care for the patient.


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CSH Testimonials

  • Staff is very friendly and their facilities are top notch. Everything I've seen leads me to believe that this is a high quality specialty care hospital.
    Robert Hunter Patient